Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do sessions last?

General Web Safety Course

The duration will vary from person to person depending on your individual needs. For example, if you never use social media, we can skip that section entirely. Conversely, if you have been hacked in the past, we can put in extra time on the passwords section. Similarly we may spend extra time on viruses and malware if these have been causing you problems. The sessions include some examples and exercises which are interactive. Learning about computers tends to stick better in smaller bursts rather than in one long session where there is simply too much information to absorb in one go. For online training via Zoom, I'll aim for a session length of around 75 minutes. For home visits I'll aim for a slightly longer session length. The General Web Safety Course is divided into 6 sections. Consequently it can be split up into two or three parts quite easily. Additional sessions come at a discount (see below) and can include a recap of the previous session. That's up to you.

Email Masterclass and Social Media Masterclass.

These specific courses are designed to last around 75 minutes and are always conducted online.

Q.What's the price?

Zoom sessions I charge £50 for a session of 75 minutes*. For each subsequent session the cost is £40. If you take the General Web Safety Course and then select an Email Masterclass or Social Media Masterclass, you will also be entitled to the discount – i.e. this will cost you £40 instead of £50 as you are a returning customer.
Home visits These will be slightly more expensive than Zoom sessions and cater for longer duration sessions. The recommended session length is 90 minutes and this will cost £70. A one hour session costs £50 and a two hour session costs £90. As with the zoom sessions, there is a £10 deduction for second and subsequent sessions.

Q.How do I pay.

You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal or cash.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, I will provide bank details in the my email confirming the appointment arrangements. Please ensure your payment has been completed before the day of the session.

Cheques are also acceptable but bear in mind that the post may be much slower than usual due to Covid so allow plenty of extra time.

If you would like to pay via PayPal, the address is

Q.Who is Web Safety Guru training for?

The information in the Web Safety Guru course is relevant and helpful to people of all ages. It is particularly relevant to those who grew up in the era before home computers were commonplace. If you are worried about any or all of the following: passwords, email scams, viruses, your online privacy or social media scams then Web Safety Guru computer tuition could be for you, or your parents or grandparents. Web Safety Guru tuition is also for small businesses who use computers regularly but don't have their own IT department. Feel free to call for a no-obligation chat to see how Web Safety Guru can help you. You can request a call back from the Booking screen. Alternatively you can ask any questions via the Contact screen.

Q.How do I take part in a Zoom call?

If you wish to participate in an online computer training session with Web Safety Guru, first register for a Zoom account and then download the Zoom software. You can do this from the Zoom website. I will send you a Zoom meeting request by email in the days before our scheduled meeting. This will contain a unique meeting ID and password which you will need to type in when you join the meeting. If you have problems with this on the day, I can talk you through the final steps by telephone.

Q.I've booked a session for my parents. Can I sit in?

Absolutely. It's natural to be concerned that relatives could be vulnerable to online scams and you're welcome to sit in if you'd like to see how Web Safety Guru training can help them.

Q.Do you do general support callouts?

No, Web Safety Guru is a tuition only service and any support issues should be dealt with by support specialists. However I'd be happy to assist you if you have more general computer queries such as "how do I print a document" or "how do I use Excel".

Q.What happens if there's a problem during a Zoom Call?

I will provide instructions for certain situations which may arise during a Zoom call, for example if there is a powercut or internet outage. The first stage will be to attempt to communicate via telephone to ascertain the nature of the problem. Where practicable, and assuming the problem is brief, we will attempt to resume the Zoom session as soon as possible. Should this not be practicable, I will communicate via telephone to re-arrange the Zoom session for a mutually convenient time.


Select the course you are interested in

Select how and when you would like your first session.

Make an appointment for your session then make your payment.

To make an appointment Contact Us or visit our Booking Page.
We'll deliver your first Web Safety Guru session.

You'll receive your training at home via Zoom or in person as per your selection.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the course content, your options and how to pay.

Please get in touch via the website or phone 07846 763197.


Web Safety Guru offers one to one computer training designed to keep you safe online.

We'll discuss: passwords and security, email scams, viruses and malware, cookies and privacy, safety on social media and safety on public networks.

Visit the homepage to learn more about the options for Zoom courses and home tuition.