Computer help for small businesses in Croydon and Purley

Why small businesses in Croydon might need web safety training

While many large and medium sized businesses might have their own IT departments and formalized training procedures, the situation can be very different with small businesses. Small businesses may use computers as a core function of their enterprise or just for administrative tasks such as paying bills or running social media campaigns. It would be a disaster for a small business if the company computer got infected with malware or if one of more business accounts got hacked. And while larger businesses may operate on their own network and have additional security such as firewalls, small businesses rarely have this luxury. It is absolutely vital that every computer user working for your business is always careful. That means being especially secure with passwords, treating incoming emails with caution and definitely not downloading any malware.

How I can help small businesses in Croydon

I can provide training on a one to one basis or in small groups. The training is aimed at both the small business owner and employees. We'll cover the following topics.
  • Passwords. You'll learn not only about how to strengthen your existing passwords but how to implement a safer password regime. This will emphasize the importance of changing passwords regularly.
  • How to spot a scam email. Failing to spot a scam email could have serious consequences for a small business. It could lead to your passwords and business information getting stolen, or to malware disabling your computers. I'll run through some of the most obvious signs of a scam email that everyone working for your business should know.
  • Viruses and malware. Learn about the different types of malware and learn about the procedures you should follow to minimize the damage should your business computer get infected.
  • Learn about the dos and don'ts of using shared computers at work. It's vitally important that all staff using a work computer understand computer safety, otherwise one person's mistake could cause problems for all of you. There are certain activities you shouldn't be performing on a shared computer. Make sure you all know what these are.
  • Learn about the risks of social media to your business. Used wrongly it could damage your business reputation, lead to you getting hacked or even result in you getting your computer infected.
  • Learn about the threat cookies play to your privacy, and how to manage this problem.

Computer training for small businesses in Croydon

Training can be given by zoom, and I'll be happy to visit your premises if you're near Croydon. While most of my training works best one to one, some of the small business training works just as well in small groups. So, if you're interested in the Web Safety Guru computer help for Small Businesses, contact me on 07846 763197 and we can discuss your business profile and requirements. I'll tailor the training to the size and nature of your business.

My Special Small Business Package: Security audits for small businesses near Croydon

Perhaps it's not just training your business requires. If you require a security checkup, I can run a periodical security review for you. I'll visit your premises and we'll run through the following points:
  • Password audit. I'll check how strong your passwords are and when they were last changed and will make recommendations accordingly.
  • Email checkup. I'll examine any suspicious emails you may have received to determine whether they are genuine. I'll explain why any are not (this serves as a useful training exercise).
  • Malware audit. I'll assess how up to date your anti-virus and anti-malware protection is and make recommendations accordingly. I'll review any malware that has been detected on your system. I'll discuss the severity of the malware and make recommendations on how you can reduce the risks in future.
  • Privacy audit. I'll review the cookies on your machine and make recommendations.
  • Social media audit. I'll review your Social Media output from a security/privacy perspective and make recommendations.
  • Shared computer audit. I'll review your shared computers from a security perspective.
  • Software audit. I will make recommendations as to software to keep your systems free of malware and unwanted tracking cookies. I will also advise you if you are running any software which shouldn't be running on your shared business computer.
I will only make recommendations. I'll send you a report of my findings. You are the boss and you will decide what to implement.

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Web Safety Guru offers one to one computer training designed to keep you safe online.

We'll discuss: passwords and security, email scams, viruses and malware, cookies and privacy, safety on social media and safety on public networks.

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