Computer training for seniors

The Web Safety Guru computer training is suitable for all age groups. However it has been designed with seniors in mind. Youngsters will take the rapidly changing pace of technology in their stride, a new phone here, a new operating system there. People my own age and younger will have grown up with computers being an everyday part of their lives. Many older computer users may have only started using computers comparatively recently, either as a hobby or a means to stay in touch with people after retirement, or as a result of the Covid pandemic.

The computer tuition I provide is based on certain principles. Technology can be quite stressful and the pace of change is fast. Given that IT can be intimidating for many, people want a teacher who is calm and patient and will give the student all the time they need on a particular topic. Where possible I will show you how to do things rather than merely tell you. For example in the password section of the web safety training, I will show you how you can measure password strength for yourself and how to create an invisible folder or a password protected document.

I will teach in ways that are based around doing things properly rather than based on specific technology that will be obsolete in a few months. You'll learn the right mindset to have when selecting passwords or deciding whether to click the link on an email. You'll know what steps to take if you think you might have a computer virus and you'll be asking the right questions about privacy.

Computer tuition for your parents

It may be that you have found this page via a search engine and are quite proficient with technology. So perhaps you are looking at Web Safety Guru online computer training not for yourself, but for your loved ones. With some extremely expensive scams in circulation you want the reassurance that your older relatives are not going to fall for any scams themselves. If you think Web Safety Guru computer tuition could be of benefit to older family members, drop me a line. I tested the very first version of Web Safety Guru computer training on my mum.

Many of us as more worried about our parents' web safety than our own. In the main course I'll guide them through the key web safety issues on their own computer in their own home. Lessons can be online or in person depending on the location. You welcome to sit in on part or all of the computer safety training to assess for yourself that your loved ones are being taught important web safety information and in a comfortable learning environment. And there are two Zoom based courses, one concentrating on Email safety which teaches you how to spot a scam email, and one showing you how to be safe on Social Media. In both these courses I will be using examples to illustrate the points made and the Email course contains exercises that the customer can use to test what they have learned.

Family discount

If you'd like to take any of the courses for yourself first, another family member can take the course subsequently and receive the second course discount that I'm offering to returning customers.


Web Safety Guru offers one to one computer training designed to keep you safe online.

We'll discuss: passwords and security, email scams, viruses and malware, cookies and privacy, safety on social media and safety on public networks.

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