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If you'd like to learn about web safety in the comfort of your own home, three courses are currently available. These are the General Web Safety Course, the Email Safety Masterclass and the Social Media Masterclass.

General Web Safety Course

In this programme, we'll look at the key areas of web safety.

1. Learn about Passwords

"Are my passwords strong enough?" "Is my information safe?"

We'll discuss some of the ways people go wrong with their password regime, leaving the door open for unscrupulous hackers to steal their data. You'll learn how to make passwords stronger and other good practices that will help keep your information safe.

2. Learn about Email Safety

"How can I tell if an email is genuine?"

Fake emails are designed to steal your passwords, or your money. We'll take a look at how email phishing works and what the scammer is trying to achieve. You'll learn the key tricks of how to spot a fake email.

3. Learn about Viruses and Malware

"What do i do if my computer has a virus?" "How do I get rid of a computer virus?"

We'll talk about the various kinds of malware and what they do. You will find out about PUPs, Trojans, Adware, Ransomware, Worms and Viruses. We'll also discuss anti-malware and anti-virus software, how it works and why you need to keep it updated. You will learn how to approach the problem if the worst happens and your device is infected with malware.

4. Learn about Cookies and Tracking

"What are cookies for?" "Am I being tracked?" "How can I safeguard my privacy?"

Many people are concerned about their online privacy. You'll learn how companies track your online behaviour (this is not always bad by the way). We'll also discuss the options available to you if you wish to reduce their ability to track you.

5. Learn about Safety on Social Media

"Is Facebook spying on me?" "Who can see my posts?"

We'll talk about the downsides of using social media: risk of identity theft, reputational damage, tracking, and violation of privacy. You'll learn how to deal with these threats. We'll discuss what you should, and shouldn't, be doing with your Facebook account.

6. Learn about Safety Outside the home

"Are public networks safe?"

We'll discuss the extra risks involved in using a public network (for example if you are on a train, in a coffee shop or a pub) or a shared computer. In this final section we shall also bring together some of the key points mentioned throughout the course so you'll have a reminder or the do's and dont's that will help you stay safer online.

Email Safety Masterclass - How to Spot a Scam Email

In this special session, we take an in-depth look into email safety and go through over a dozen examples showing the different tell-tale signs of a surefire fake email. This session will also include exercises where you can demonstrate what you've learnt by identifying the tell-tale signs in actual emails that have been produced by scammers. This session will train you to easily spot some of the danger signals that come up over and over again.

Social Media Masterclass

This session is an in-depth look into the various dangers of Social Media and what you can do to reduce the risks to yourself. Discover what Facebook knows about you already (you'll be horrified). We'll cover the downsides of being tagged by people, checking in, liking posts and having your own posts visible to too wide an audience. You'll learn how to fix this and protect your privacy.

A 75 minute zoom session costs £50
£40 for second and subsequent sessions

* A typical customer may take 2 or 3 sessions to cover the main course
A 90 minute home session costs £70
£60 for second and subsequent sessions

* A typical customer may take 2 or 3 sessions to cover the main course


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Web Safety Guru offers one to one computer training designed to keep you safe online.

We'll discuss: passwords and security, email scams, viruses and malware, cookies and privacy, safety on social media and safety on public networks.

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